Meet RabenRifaie
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Brand, Design & Motion Agency

About us

We are RabenRifaie, a creative design studio.  The idea of our creative studio came up when two imaginative digital design enthusiasts, Natalia Raben, and Ahmad Rifa’ie, noticed an increasing demand for creative studios that value:


These three components are the essentials of effective communication and the foundation of RabenRifaie.

Our Team
Creative director
Ahmad Rifaie - creative director of RabenRifaie studio
Ahmad Rifaie
Ahmad oversees all the creative processes and the direction of the projects as well as directs the team of creatives. He will be responsible for the big idea for your next project. He is visionary and explorative, transforming even the most complex visions into heartfelt and effective branding and 3D motion possibilities. He constantly seeks the forefront of creative endeavors to find multi-dimensional ways of storytelling.
Creative Producer
Natalia Raben - creative producer in RabenRifaie studio
Natalia Raben
Natalia manages the workflow and production of the projects and the business side of the studio and keeps in touch with the clients. She will likely be the point of contact for your next project.  After years of managing her commercial photography studio and gaining over 6 years of experience working in the cultural and creative industries, she has developed an effective creative workflow that ensures all ideas run smoothly.
01Be Compassionate

We treat our clients and colleagues with respect and kindness.  “Always be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”- this principle echoes throughout our studio, works, meetings, and everything we do and achieve.

02Be Transparent

Clear communication is critical to effective collaboration. We strongly believe that transparency with our clients leads us to build strong relationships based on trust and loyalty.

03Be Honest

We believe in honesty. We are truthful with our clients, and we value constructive feedback that we can hear from them. It helps us maintain an efficient and seamless collaboration for the long term.