Defence Video

About project

Nicomatic is a France-based tech company that is all about connections. Every day they empower the link between humans and machines to bring the future a little bit closer. Nicomatic believes that by combining the precision of machines with the human spirit and creativity, they can drive real change. Change from the perspective of their clients, their team and the entire world.

Nicomatic is our long-term client who commissioned us to create a short 3D animated movie positioning the company in the defense industry. The video was produced specifically for a large defense trade show, Eurosatory 2022, where it had its big premiere together with many other projects of ours.The animation presents Nicomatic’s products (connectors) as well as introduces the key differentiators of the company in the industry. The movie follows by showing the applications where its products are used and what are their connectors’ unique selling points.

Video Design
Brand Animation