La Saint Cergus

La Saint Cergus

About project

La Saint Cergus needed a brand identity that would be used to promote their home-grown craft beer brewed for the employees and clients.

We had three different approaches to the design and all three are varied in terms of styles and emotions. The first design is a contemporary and sleek take on the beer label, using the iconic grid system and incorporating it with minimalistic visuals that reference the art of craft beer and technology.

Visual identity
Label design

Fun & Energetic

The second design is a fun and energetic label that is synonymous with craft beer and the spirit of creativity. This design evokes loud visuals and a handcrafted look to create a genuine and authentic visual language.

Elegant & Modern

The last proposal is an elegant and modern design focusing on the imagery of wonder and decadence. With the simplistic use of the corporate colours to create a cohesive and harmonious visual language.