Nicomatic Group

Nicomatic Group Branding

About project

Nicomatic Group is a new entity which represents the union of three companies: Nicomatic, Oxytronic & Accurate. The Group worked with us on creating new brand identity, from logo design, extended corporate documents to web design & development. It was a challenging but rewarding project that visually united the three Group members into one connected body.

Web design
Brand identity

The project goals

Nicomatic Group worked with us on creating a unique branding system that would:

1. Present the Group's values, offer & know-how (new branding)

2. Be consistent with Nicomatic's original brand identity (company from 1976)

3. Visually integrate the Group's newest members without losing their unique identity (rebranding)


Thank you to the great team that has worked on this project with us!

Creative Director: Ahmad Rifaie

Production Manager: Natalia Raben

Copywriter: Anna Ferlin

Web Development: Achromatic Studio