Nicomatic x Safran

Future Soldier Experience

About project

For Eurosatory 2022, a Paris-based defense and military trade show, our long-term client Nicomatic has commissioned us to create a life-size 3D soldier animation. The so-called Future Soldier Program is a collaboration between Nicomatic and Safran, a MNC operating in the defense and aerospace industries.

The aim of the animation was to showcase an innovative technology making the soldiers’ uniforms very light. Nicomatic wanted a fun and contemporary way to present the features and benefits of the technology as the soldier animation was used as a centerpiece and eye-catcher at the trade show’s booth.

Motion design

Technology & Interaction

Using “Crystalbox” technology, we created an experience where the viewers could freely interact with the soldier and give him commands to showcase the various benefits of the technology.

Pleasant with Useful

Since the soldier was the centerpiece of the booth, Nicomatic also wanted a more light-hearted approach to the animation which would attract and retain the attention of the show’s visitors. To achieve that, we included an interactive rock-paper-scissors game.