About project

Bukabu is a Poland-based interior design studio specializing in the design of commercial and residential spaces. The client asked us to develop a brand identity and design a simple yet effective website that would speak volumes regarding their unique approach to interior and graphic design.
As a result, we created four branding proposals that exist on a scale of both organic/humanistic and geometric/logical design. These four proposals represent the client’s perspective on design culture and its influences.

The first proposal, follows a minimal and elegant design, with the use of a classical serif font imbued with modernity to create a balance, with humanity and elegance.

Motion design
Power of Geometrics

The second proposal, follows a geometric yet organic approach, with the simplicity of a bold san serif rounded font to give an approachable and humanistic touch to the identity.

Last proposals

The third proposal, presents a more abstract rendition of the name, as the BKB letters are highlighted from the word “Bukabu”. The style uses a more minimal and geometric design that would serve as a large logo that could be used as a blocking element or stand on its own.

The fourth proposal, presents a perfect balance of the services offered by Bukabu Studio, with architecture, interior and graphic design combined into one evocative and clear design identity.