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Polish Elections Posters 2023

About project

On October 15, 2023, Poland will hold elections. However, it is concerning that not all citizens participate in this crucial event. In order to motivate the people of Poland to exercise their right to vote and contribute to shaping the future of our country, we have decided to join the popular movement of creating visually appealing posters.

Print design
The color palette

In total, we have created three posters that symbolize voting as planting a seed that shapes our future. The first poster showcases seeds, the second one depicts plant sprouts, and the last one portrays beautifully grown flowers. All of the posters use a color palette inspired by the Polish flag and also include some pink color, which serves as a powerful reference to the ongoing debate surrounding women’s rights in the country.

Available for download

Do you love the posters? Make sure to download and print them from our Behance page: