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Wes Anderson Collection

About project

To promote the new Wes Anderson collection on Amazon Prime streaming, a series of socials were designed to reference and invigorate the warm yet melancholic themes of his films. The socials are created with the references of the filmography of Wes Anderson in mind, as his style matures through the years.

The first piece, draws inspiration from The Grand Budapest Hotel, with an aim to highlight the whimsicality and sense of wonder of the color palette and overall design of the film; almost like inviting the audience to peer into a imaginative dollhouse of his world.

Motion design
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Pastel Tint

The second piece, inspired by The Darjeeling Limited, exudes a sense of melancholic repetition as the train goes on a loop, through ebbs and flows of life.

Careful Treading

The final piece, takes inspiration from The French Dispatch. As he explores large themes of social disposition, the world he creates changes appropriately too. This piece features a more subdued and mature color palette with a focus on mood and solace, over spectacle.